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Wednesday’s Child: Animal-Loving Quinn Wants A Family To Talk To, Feel Self-Worth

MURRAY, Utah — There is something soothing about animals.

“They don’t really have much of an opinion of you and they’re nice to be around,”explained Quinn.

The 16 year old has a soft spot in his heart for friends of the four-legged variety.

On Wednesday he was invited to visit the Utah Humane Society in Murray. While he got to know some of the furry creatures there, KSL was given the opportunity to get to know him.

Quinn’s life is not going exactly how he expected it would.

“I am a foster kid so I am bound to bounce between houses and stuff,” he said. “It actually happens quite often.”

When we asked Quinn what he thought about being featured on our Wednesday’s Child segment he had his doubts.

“I don’t think I’m the most appealing of out everybody,” he said. “People have viewed me for adoption and then just completely dropped it.”

Quinn has a fondness for animals

Quinn has a fondness for animals

Rejection hurts no matter who you are. On top of that, Quinn said he feels like he’s labeled before anyone ever gets to know him.

“A lot of people think we’re complete degenerates,” he explained. “They assume we do a lot of crimes and that we don’t have respect for anybody so that’s really tough.”

Now he’s doing something tough by sharing his story, taking a chance and hanging on to a sliver of hope.

“I’d like to do something genuine,” he said.

If he’s not adopted, in a couple years he will age out of the system and leave foster care alone.

“It makes me think I haven’t really had time to do all I wanted as a kid and I’m (close to) being thrown out already so it’s a bit off and a bit scary, he said.”

Teenage boys don’t often like to admit when they’re scared of something.

“I want to be adopted so I can have a sense of self-worth and to feel like I have somebody to go to when I just need to talk,” he said.

Something every child deserves.

To learn more about Quinn or the many other children living in the Utah Foster Care System, contact the Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at

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