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Do You Recognize This Decorated Veteran?

ROY, Utah — A man in Roy is determined to find the rightful owner of a military case displaying an American flag, several war medals and a veteran’s photo.

“If it was my father’s flag,” Jim Thorpe said, “I would want it in the family.”

There are few things as important to Thorpe as family.

“For it to not be with the family is not right,” Thorpe said.

That’s why Thorpe is searching for the family of a gently folded American Flag, a black and white photo and five war medals.

“That’s kind of a legacy that belongs with the family,” Thorpe said. “This guy obviously was something special. ”

The case dedicated to a former military member has decorated Thorpe’s home for months. He says he got it from a friend who for some reason had it sitting in his closet.

But the actual owner, where it really belongs, it still a mystery.

“For military merit, Thomas D. Walker.”

Thomas D. Walker’s name is engraved on the backs of three medals, including the Purple Heart, a medal for good conduct and the bronze star medal.

On the back of the veteran’s photo a message is written: “Douglas would you send back I have just the one.”

“I’d like to learn more about this guy… seems like I’ve had him with me for a while,” said Thorpe

He has posted his search for the family on social media and reached out to the military.

Now, with Memorial Day around the corner, Thorpe says “to get this to him. That would make it even better.”

As a son and grandson of three military veterans, Thorpe knows what it’s like to have a family member serve in the military.

“I have a lot of respect for the guys who served in that war,” he said.

His father will soon be laid to rest and the Thorpe family will be left with his burial flag.

“It’s something I want for my family. To pass on to my kids,” he said.

Just one more reason why it’s so important for him to find the real home for the mysterious burial flag and military medals.

“Hopefully they’ll find their way home… This is part of their family history that they should be able to share with their kids and grand kids,” Thorpe said.

If you think you know who the display case belongs to or want to help in the search, you can contact the Thorpe family at

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