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Experts Predict Bad Mosquito Year

LEHI, Utah – We have had a record setting wet spring here in Utah – and yes the water is good for our dry state, but it’s also good for those pesky mosquitos. Experts are predicting an especially bad mosquito year with lots of bites ahead. Utah County begins aggressive mosquito abatement spraying tonight.

Nothing quite says summer like an evening at the ball field. There is the crack of the bat, cheering of fans and of course that race to the plate.

However, thanks to a wetter than normal year, ball games and other outdoor fun will have some EXTRA visitors in attendance who are not so welcome.

“We’re definitely expecting a lot of mosquitoes,” said Aislynn Tolman-Hill with the Utah County Health Department.

This year, the mosquito abatement teams has been planning and preparing for the onslaught of insects.

“(We are) making sure we enough staff and enough trucks to go out,” Tolman-Hill said.

Monday night marks the first night of active spraying in Utah County and for one Lehi neighborhood, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“You can’t go outside at night,” Nathan Callings of Lehi said. “There are just too many bugs around. You can’t enjoy it.”

People living close to marshlands and standing water are definitely feeling the bite.

“You can just see swarms of them,” Tyler Kirkham, another frustrated Lehi resident said. “We had our outdoor light fixtures halfway full of mosquitoes, so that was a big concern. They are really such a nuisance.”

A nuisance that’s just getting started. That’s why the health department wants to hear from you.

“If there is a neighborhood or maybe even a ballpark or different areas in the community where you’re seeing lots of mosquitoes, we do want to hear from you and know about that,” Tolman-Hill said.

She says mosquitos abatement workers will come to help the best they can.

“We can typically respond within 24 hours,” she said.

The health departing is asking residents will also pitch in by clearing standing water from their property.
“It might be a kiddie pool, flower pots or even a something as small as a soda can,” Tolman-Hill said.

There isn’t one quick fix, and in the game of mosquito versus human, this year is not going to be a homerun.

To contact the mosquito abatement department visit, Or call (801) 851-7637