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Woman Rescues Puppy Thrown Out of Window on I-15

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — At first Jessy Wall thought it was debris being thrown out of a moving van’s window along I-15. She took a closer look and realized it was an dog.

“I thought somebody lost a couch pillow out of their moving van and then it started moving,” Wall said. “It was a puppy.”

She was driving northbound along the interstate near 4500 South and stopped on the side of the road. She and a Good Samaritan tried slowing traffic down to get to the injured puppy.

“I was on the side of the road just waving my arms like a crazy person,” she said. “My first instinct was to run out in the middle of the freeway and then I stopped myself then we were able to get him to come over.”

Wall said the moving van kept on driving away and never came back for the puppy. She also did not get a good look at the license plate and did not file a report.

“The police officer said let’s wait 10-15 minutes in case the owner returns,” she said. “No one ever came.”

Wall said witnesses did not believe what was happening.

“I said ‘did you see that guy just toss him out of the car? So since we both thought that, we are definitely thinking that’s what happened,” she said.

She named the puppy Avett and is fostering him as he recovered from breaks to his pelvis and femur. He goes in for surgery Thursday with the possibility of having an amputated leg.

“We are just hoping for the best but also keeping things realistic,” she said.

Wall and rescue group Herding Haven have teamed up to care for Avett. They have set up a GoFundMe* account to help with the $5,000 in bills. Wall hopes to eventually adopt Avett.


“He is here to stay, I hope,” she said.

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