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High 5 for South Davis Rec Center Lifeguards

Last month, a girl nearly drowned at the South Davis Recreation Center; she was spotted under the water in one of the indoor pools. But thanks to the quick response of the life guards there, the child’s life was saved.

Since that incident, we’ve heard from other people who go the Rec Center who say the lifeguards there, are some of the best around.

They have an important job, especially when there are lots of smaller kids in the pool.

Perhaps the toughest thing about being a lifeguard is staying on guard at all times, knowing that in the blink of an eye something can go wrong.

“We do a lot of training, and it’s kind of a pain sometimes, but it really pays off. Like when things happen and we know how to act and we do what we should do, it really shows,” says Taralyn Meloni.

We’ve had people tell us that the lifeguards here at the rec center often go above and beyond the call of duty, and sometimes even beyond the pool.

“Bee stings, first aid, slips, falls, spinal, that’s all on us. Sometimes we get called anywhere in the facility.”

So for that, we gave them a High 5 by surprising them with some pizza courtesy of Little Caesar’s.

It was a much-deserved break for the lifeguards before they went right back to keeping the kids in their community safe this summer season.

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