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Campaign For App Ratings Heading To Senate

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A big win Tuesday for a grass roots campaign that started in Utah to bring a rating system to apps.

The issue made its way to top law makers in Washington DC where they discussed the problem, and believe something needs to be done.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee heard from a panel of social media experts on the problems facing teens and the easy access they have to pornography on some of the most popular teen Apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

“This is an important topic. This is a crisis effecting our children,” said Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah during the hearing. “Its not just when a child is looking for that it’s happening when they input very innocent child like search terms that have nothing to do with sex.”

Sen. Lee organizing the hearing after meeting with Melissa McKay a mother of 5 children who lives in Salt Lake County.  She started the campaign to get ratings on Apps much like a rating system for movies or video games.

She was very happy to see her issue now being heard by some of the country’s top law makers.

“I feel like all of them were very invested in addressing the problem and wanting to fix it, so I definitely it, we are going to see some movement soon,” said McKay to KSL.

Senator Lee believes this is an issue that doesn’t need a new law but one that can be worked out with the tech companies.

To watch the entire hearing go here.

The website fighting for the rating system can be found here.

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