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Major Construction Detour Underway At Provo Center Street

PROVO, Utah — A high traffic intersection in Provo will be closed for the next five weeks, due to a massive rebuild of 500 West.  The intersection at Center Street closed earlier this week, to complete the road rebuild and replacement of underground infrastructure.


It is a $21 million dollar rebuild of 500 West, that is a high traffic state owned road. “We are rebuilding the entire roadway from about 700 North all the way down to 500 South,” said Geoff Dupaix, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Transportation.


While much of 500 West has been asphalt, UDOT says this project is being built to last.


“Typically concrete with ongoing maintenance the last upwards of 50 years effective use of dollars right now for a for a long term solution,” Dupaix added.

The 500 West project is underway, as Provo makes improvements along Bulldog Boulevard near Utah Valley Hospital.

UDOT specifically timed the work at Center Street, right after the big 4th of July celebration and before school resumes, including high traffic BYU football games.

In the end, UDOT promises a much more efficient stretch of road, with additional improvements to benefit all travelers, not just those in cars.

“Once the project is complete, it will have a 10 foot multi-use path on the east side of the road, will have wider sidewalks for pedestrian access, as well as bike lanes on each side of the road,” he said.

UDOT expects that it will take about five weeks to get all the work done at Center Street, with plans to reopen the intersection by August 16th.  The entire 500 West project is slated to continue for another year, with completion slated for the fall of 2020.  For more information on the project, visit:

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