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Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images
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West Nile Virus Found In Moab Mosquitoes

Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images

MOAB, Utah – Officials have discovered West Nile virus in Matheson Wetland mosquitoes, according to a statement from the Southeast Utah Health Department.

The virus was detected in mosquitoes on July 2, the statement reads, and positive results were returned by the Utah Public Health lab on July 11.

Officials plan to spray insecticide in the affected areas just after dark when mosquitoes are most active.

Mosquito bites can be avoided by wearing long sleeves and pants, wearing bright-colored clothes, wearing insect repellent, having screens on open windows and using screened tents when camping.

Residents who see birds behaving in an oddly, sick manner are also asked to contact mosquito abatement at 435-259-7161. Stagnant water or recently-deceased birds or horses should also be reported.

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