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Back To School For Southern Utah Students

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Some Utah kids are already hitting the school books.

Washington County School District started Monday and now students in St. George and Cedar City are back in the classroom as well.

The bell at Canyon View High School rang at approximately 7:55 a.m. Tuesday, but the excitement started earlier as students began arriving to their first day of school only to be greeted by the student body and their principal.

Prior to the bell ringing, faculty dished up their best advice for students who find themselves with the first day jitters.

“I tell them to be organized and just to have fun, school can be hard sometimes, but you have to remember it is fun!” said Principal Dennis Heaton.

English Teacher, Susan Merrell with nearly 30 years in the Iron County School Districts also offered up some great tips. “I’d say sit in the front row and then get to know the teacher, let the teacher know who you are, just relax, the teacher will be there to help you!”

If students have a hard time relaxing, the team at Canyon View can help you there as well with Bluetooth tappers, used to regulate emotions. It’s all part of the schools Tapping to Wellness Program started last year.

“Hold them, you have to have them on both sides of your body, what it’s doing is creating a pattern for your brain to follow. So that amygdala that’s running all your emotions it just calms that down,” said school counselor KarriAnn Raddon. By calming down it allows students to focus on the task at hand, whether its math, trying out for a big audition or anything else that raises your emotions.

Plus, teachers let KSL in on a little secret, they get nervous too on the first day, but seeing the results and the end of the year keeps them coming back year after year.

“I love being a part of kids’ life and I love being able to give them skills that will help them in the future and to be successful. It’s why I teach,” said mathematics teacher Shelly Blake.

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