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Wednesday’s Child: Sydney

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – At first glance, it’s easy to see that Sydney has a gentleness to her.

“I have just loved animals my entire life and I’ve always wanted to take care of them,” said Sydney. “I’m kind of like a mama bear when it comes to animals.”

She shows a kind of maturity far beyond her 16 years.

“How do you not get attached to the dogs that you work with?” she asked the veterinarian.

On Wednesday, Sydney got a firsthand look at her dream profession.

“I see all these veterinarians going out and helping all these animals and I want to do that someday.”

For Sydney, the future is a bit easier to talk about than the past.

“Well, for most of my life family hasn’t really meant anything because mine left me,” she explained. “They said they would be there and they left.”

Since then, she’s lived in foster care where she moves from house to house.

“I feel you,” she whispered to the dog sleeping in her arms. “I’m tired too.”

She’s heading into her junior year of high school with some nerves.

“I’m switching schools again,” she said. “It’s hard because I’ve switched schools a lot.”

Even though she says she’s not really sure what it’s like to have a family, she knows what she hopes it can be like.

“I just want someone I can definitely trust and who will help me when I need it most,” she said.

She craves love and support.

“I want parents that will be there and will go to my volleyball games or my dance recitals,” she said. “I just want somebody who will be there for me if I fall and they will help me.”

To learn more about Sydney or the many other children living in foster, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at


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