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Body Cam Footage Released From Officer-Involved Shooting In Salt Lake

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Officials have released the body camera video of a deadly officer-involved critical incident that happened after a suspect allegedly pulled out a gun.

The video also showed a child was in the back seat at the moment shots were fired at 29-year-old Riche Antonio Santiago.

The shooting happened outside the Park Place Apartments near 700 South 350 East in Salt Lake City on August 5 after police responded to a 911 hang-up.

Officials from the Salt Lake City Police Department said while responding to the initial call, an officer noticed a car without registration. The officer could be heard on the body cam video saying the car was involved in a previous shots-fired incident.

While gathering information from the driver, the back passenger asked to get out of the car to smoke. The officer told him that was not permitted while the car and everyone inside were being detained.

The back passenger was identified as Riche Antonio Santiago.

Once police reinforcements arrived at the scene, the responding officer learned Santiago had outstanding warrants.

As seen on the video, once Santiago learned he was under arrest and faced a return to jail, the situation escalated and shots were fired.

Police said a child, two additional adults and a dog were inside the car.

A slowed down version of the video showed Santiago pull out a gun from a backpack and aimed it out the car door.

An officer could be heard saying, “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t be stupid!”

Despite officers’ commands, Santiago did not appear to comply in the video. In return, police fired multiple shots and Santiago was killed feet from the car.

After shots were fired, a gun was recovered next to Santiago, who was not moving. He was put into handcuffs and emergency aid was given, though Santiago was pronounced dead on scene.

The two officers involved were put on paid administrative leave. Investigators from the West Valley Police Department and the Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office were reviewing the case.

The officer-involved shooting was Salt Lake City Police Department’s fifth of the year, with five people killed in those incidents.


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