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‘HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Builds New Home For Ogden Family

OGDEN, Utah – Constant movement, hundreds of helping hands and now a brand new home sits in Washington Terrace.

The Mayo Family of Weber County moved out of their home last week.

HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to town to work their magic.

The Mayo family had been living in this home for the past 17 years.

In 2016, a rare Utah tornado hit the neighborhood, knocking out power and uprooting a tree in their yard.

It resulted in the basement flooding because of deep roots that tangled around pipes.

The family experienced ongoing water breaks, flooding, and mold.

Less than a week ago the home was demolished.

The Wadman Corporation and dozens of volunteers and neighbors helped with the home makeover.

In total, the many Wadman Corporation subcontractors spent 6,000 hours planning and working on this home.

Marilee Isaacson has been neighbors with Kelly Mayo, 59, for 12 years.

“She’ll walk up to anyone and give them a hug. That’s what she is famous for,” Isaacson said. “Kelly has gone through troublesome times. But through it all, she remains optimistic and kind. She deserves this.”

Hundreds of subcontractors made this home a reality.

“There were tradespeople running around everywhere. Volunteers were in and out of the house. The design team and camera crew made for standing room only. It was hoppin’.  It was a 24/7 effort from everyone involved,” Isaacson said.

Isaacson helped her husband, who owns a painting company, with the interior.

“I volunteered for one day and then helped my husband again all through the next night,” Isaacson said. “It felt amazing. Kelly has positively affected so many lives. It feels good to give back.”

There was a large crowd gathered to watch the big reveal.

Neighbors said Kelly Mayo was hugging everyone on the street before the bus moved to reveal her new home.

When producers yelled, ‘Move That Bus’, Mayo ran toward the home and fell to her knees.

Mayo, her daughter Michelle and her grandchildren will reside in the home.

The season reboot of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is slated to air in January 2020.


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