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Unique Sculpture Vandalized Near Popular Springville Restaurant

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Regulars at a popular restaurant that showcases a local artist’s sculptures are frustrated that a work of art displayed outside was vandalized.

Gary Price is well known in Springville for his sculptures and rotates which art pieces he displays outside of La Casita, at 333 North Main, a fixture in Springville for the past 40 years.

The figure of an angel, called “Messenger” was vandalized in recent days. Officials said it appears that someone poured a soda or energy drink all over the art and the acid etched into the finish of the bronze.

“Everyone knows his work and it’s just really, really, sad that that would have to happen here,” said Dixie Wood, a long-time customer.

“I think it’s awful that somebody did something to it. It’s awesome. He does really good work,” said Mandy Roylance another long-time customer.

Over the weekend, the owner of La Casita used a power wash to clean up the sculpture, but it will still have to go back to the shop to be refinished.

“This was a piece donated by a local artist takes a lot of pride in his work it is a very good job and now because of this kind of senseless vandalism it’s going to cost about $1000 to repair the damage has been done,” Chief Craig Martinez with the Springville Police Department.

Police were looking into clues about who damaged the sculpture.

“We’re pretty fortunate that this is something that doesn’t really happen a lot but it is unfortunate it happened to this one,” Chief Martinez added.

More than $1700 has been raised in reward money. Anyone with information on who could be responsible has been asked to call police at 801-489-9421.