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How To Help Your Student Deal With Bullying

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – As students get back into their routines, some of the social aspects of school life can be troubling – especially if bullying is happening.

Natalie Sergent, a licensed psychologist with Intermountain Healthcare, has some tips on how to help kids who are dealing with anxiety about bullying.

She said many of the same strategies that help with anxiety in general will also help prepare children to deal with bullying.

“Bullying has its impact, for sure,” Sergent said. “But if we can do some of these other things, like increasing social network and activities and healthy eating and sleep, we can combat some of those other issues.”

Sergent also said she thinks schools are doing a better job than ever to combat bullying. Many have zero tolerance policies as well, so working with the school can be a great way to go.