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FILE (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
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Fire Department Posts Hilarious Response After Police-Impersonating Drone Reported In Kaysville

FILE (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

KAYSVILLE, Utah – Add one more thing to the list that drones can do to annoy us.

On Monday, the Kaysville Police Department posted on its Facebook page that citizens were approached by a drone with a speaker. A voice identified the drone as Kaysville Police and then instructed the people to evacuate the area.

“Kaysville Police does not own a drone and will not make any announcements through one,” the police department posted. “Please contact Kaysville Police if you come across this. ”

The Kaysville Fire Department had a few thoughts to add.

In Facebook post of their own, the KFD made three crucial points:

  1. Kaysville Police Department can’t even get all of you to obey road closure signs on Sunset Dr. in the construction zone… do y’all really think a Walmart-grade drone would be an effective evacuation tool in this city? 🤨
  2. While D R O N E and D O N U T both start with a “D”, they are not the same and the police (and myself) would rather spend time with handheld cake than with remote-controlled-flying-karaoke.
  3. If you ever see a drone flying around saying they’re Kaysville Fire you will immediately know that it’s a lie because our operational budget is not-so-droney. The only flying announcements we can afford to make are throwing frisbees from a moving fire engine at your forehead with a note taped to it advising to leave the area.

If you encounter any drone in Kaysville that purports to belong to law enforcement, you’re asked to contact Kaysville Police.

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