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Four Citizens Recognized For Saving Father, Daughter Struck By Lightning

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — Four Utahns were honored for saving a father and his daughter after they were struck by lightning in central Utah in June.

They were given the Life Saving Award, which is awarded to a person or people whose actions saved someone who would have likely died without them.

On Wednesday night, four residents were given the award for their role in saving Scott Robinson and his daughter Chloe.

The two Robinsons were struck by lightning during a church youth conference in Fillmore this summer.

Dave Kotter was there and said he could still remember how powerful the weather was.

“We heard people screaming that people were down and that’s when we saw Scott and Chloe underneath the tree,” Kotter said.

Kotter is an acute care nurse practitioner and ran right to the two. He said he first started to work on Scott but had a prompting that he should work on Chloe.

“She wasn’t breathing,” he said. “She started to breathe on her own, really I didn’t feel a pulse but she regained a pulse.”

Both were rushed to the hospital and fully recovered a couple of days later.

Scott Robinson said the incident even highlights the importance of learning CPR and being able to put it into action.

“My friends that jumped in and did CPR, they are why I am alive,” Robinson said. “It’s great to see them recognized and appreciated what they did for me and my daughter.”