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Park City Leaders Unveil Peace House for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Courtesy Deanie Wimmer

PARK CITY, Utah – Leaders in Park City unveiled a new resource that will protect families from the leading cause of violence in their community: domestic abuse.

They cut the ribbon on the new Peace House for Summit and Wasatch Counties. This building is quadruple the size of their old one, to better meet the needs.

They also went from a secret location to a secure building out in the open, to signal bringing domestic violence out of the shadows.

“There’s been a lot of shame with domestic abuse, but there is no shame in being a survivor,” Karen Marriott, board of directors, said. Stigma has gotten in the way.”

Board of directors member Jim Smith said, “By being out in the open, it engages volunteerism, donations and people involved in the community.

The Peace House offers emergency shelter, but also child care and transitional housing, so victims can have success getting their lives back to normal.

“The goal of this facility is to create an environment where victims of domestic violence can not just survive, but thrive,” Kendra Wyckoff, executive director, said.

As always, they want victims of domestic violence to know help is available. There is a statewide domestic violence hotline for confidential help. 1-800-897-LINK (5465)