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New Charges Filed Against Stalking Suspect Chad Flitton

FARMINGTON, Utah – Prosecutors have filed a felony stalking charge against a man the KSL Investigators exposed as a perpetual repeat offender.

Over the past decade, Chad Dee Flitton, 44, has faced multiple misdemeanor charges, including charges for stalking and sexual battery. Judges have suspended much of his jail time in favor of mental health treatment, which according to prosecutors, he’s repeatedly failed to obtain.

With the latest development, there’s a chance Flitton could face serious prison time.

Prosecutors on Tuesday charged Flitton with second degree felony for stalking with two prior convictions. If convicted, the charge carries a sentence of up to 15 years behind bars

The latest charges stem from allegations that Flitton followed multiple young girls at the Harmons in Farmington.

On July 6, a group of 14-year-old girls told police that Flitton followed them into an elevator and at one point, Flitton mumbled something about “sex.”

According to the charging documents, the girls left but returned to the grocery store about an hour later and were again approached by Flitton. They told police he first sat near them and then followed them to the bathroom, where they locked the door, but saw and heard the doorknob move.

A friend outside the bathroom texted the girls inside that Flitton was waiting outside the door.

On the same day, charging documents state that Flitton approached a 17-year-old girl at the same store and “asked her if she would have sex with him,” indicating that her “Heavenly Father loved her” and that “he was her Father in Heaven”.

Flitton allegedly made the request for her to have sex with him multiple times.

In a third incident that same day, charging documents state Flitton followed a 20-year-old woman to the Harmon’s restroom.

The new charge comes just days before Flitton is set to be released from the Davis County Jail. He is currently serving 90 days for a probation violation, after admitting to the July 6 Harmons incidents in court.

Flitton has two prior convictions related to stalking, the most recent in April of this year.

It’s those convictions that helped bump this new charge up to a second degree felony for stalking.

Several women who have had encounters with Flitton told the KSL Investigators they fear he could still get a short sentence.

“They give him probation, which he violates over and over and over again, so yeah, I’m definitely afraid that the system will fail us again,” said Sara, whose daughter accused Flitton of following her and did not want to be identified by her surname.

Sara said she wants to see Flitton put away for a long time. Her 15-year-old daughter was one of several teen girls Flitton is accused of following at Farmington’s Station Park on July 1, five days before the Harmons incidents.

“They [now] carry mace,” Sara said. “They’ve taken self-defense classes. It’s changed their lives.”

Nikki Weekes filed a civil stalking injunction against Flitton in 2018, after he allegedly came to her Layton home demanding to see her teenage daughter and had been standing outside the girl’s window at night.

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“We have been really concerned, especially since the story aired, about the safety of our family,” she said.

Weekes said the news of Flitton’s felony charge gave her some hope that their ordeal may be coming to an end.

“I’m thrilled to tell my children and really our neighborhood,” she said.

Flitton was convicted of sexual battery for groping a woman at Bridgerland Cosmetology School on April 20, 2015.

That woman, Marlie Pali, told KSL the encounter will affect her for the rest of her life, and she hopes the courts take what happened to her and others seriously.

“I think it’s going to take some really major punishment for him to maybe finally learn his lesson,” said Pali.

That sentiment is echoed by Flitton’s ex-wife, April Giauque.

“I would like to see him locked away for a long time,” said Giauque. “It’s not out of anything but the safety of the community. For his own sake. For all of us.”

“He’s a human being. He needs help,” she continued. “I want him to get the help that he can get, and I want him to stay away from girls, from children, from anyone.”

“For this to come down as a felony now, at this point I’m thrilled,” said Sara. “I’m thrilled for other girls and I’m actually thrilled for him because it’s going to protect him from hurting somebody which will happen, eventually.”

Prosecutors plan to ask a judge to keep Flitton in jail while this new felony case is pending. His next court appearance is set for later this week.

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