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‘Gettin’ Jiggy For Jaime’: An ALS Journey

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – As many as 30,000 Americans fight ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease every year.

One Salt Lake City woman refers to her battle with ALS as a “journey,” and the community is supporter that journey along the way.

Jaime Eblen is many things. She’s a single mother of three boys. She’s a dog lover. And she’s someone who’s obsessed with dancing.

“Jaime is the same woman she was six years ago, two years ago,” said her friend, Tara Dinoh, “which is just super friendly, really happy, artistic, kind, very giving of her time and her heart.”

Tar and her daughter, Nya, decided it was time to put on a show to let Jaime know how much she is loved.

“It’s going to b a really great night,” Nyah said. “We have some really amazing dances and dancers, and it would just mean so much to Jaime.”

Jaime said as a child she was “mesmorized” by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as they floated across the screen. Diagnosed with ALS fewer than two years ago, now she lets her famous smile do the talking — with the help of a high-tech computer that reads every glance across a specialized screen.

It’s how she communicates with words, but her expressions of love shine through her eyes.

“Now that every movement I make is a struggle, I can really appreciate what it takes for the brain to control each little movement,” she said.

What started as an idea for a small fundraiser is now a full-blown event featuring world-class dancers and performances.

It’s called “Gettin’ Jiggy for Jaime.”

When singer Alex Boye found out about the show, he signed on right away and even made a special trip to tell Jaime himself.

“I feel so much love around me,” Jaime said. “It’s a testament of the natural goodness of people. I am in awe.”

“Gettin Jiggy for Jaime” will be Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. at Wasatch Junior High School, 3750 S. 3100 South, Salt Lake City. Tickets are $10 – 25. Click here for event information.

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