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3-Year-Old Saves Grandmother’s Life After Calling 911

BLUFFDALE, Utah – A 3-year-old girl from Bluffdale is being called a hero after helping to save her grandmother’s life by calling 911.

Little Sawyer Poole’s grandmother suddenly fell ill due to pneumonia and dehydration and passed out in the upstairs bathroom.

Sawyer was the only one home to help.

Sawyer’s mother, Alisha Poole, said she’s very proud of her daughter and grateful they had taught her a little about 911 and what to do in emergencies.

“I was shocked and I was panicked, but I’m glad she knew what to do. She was brave to do that,” Poole said. “We thought something like this would never happen in a million years but it did, and it’s real and it does happen. In a blink of an eye [my mom] could have been gone and we are really happy she is still here.”

KSL TV obtained the 911 recording from the Central Utah 911 Dispatch center, which is located in Spanish Fork.

Operator: “Hi, this is 911.”

Sawyer: “What is your name?”

Operator: “My name is Joanna. Do you need help?”


Sawyer: “I need your help….come quick.”

Operator: “Okay I have help on the way, sweetie. Is your door unlocked?”

Sawyer: “My Nani is so sick….you can come here…my Nani is sick. Please come over.”

Operator: “What’s going on with your Nani? …We are coming honey we are on our way.”

Sawyer: “She’s sick. She needs a doctor.”

Operator: “Sawyer I have a police officer there can you see him? Can you open the door for the officer?”

Sawyer: “I don’t have a key…oh they are knocking the door.”

Operator: “That’s the policeman can you go open the door.”

Sawyer: “It’s locked. The door’s locked. What are we going to do?… Wake up, Nani! Wake up like this. Do it, Nani, I promise.”

Operator: “Sawyer, honey the policeman needs you to open the door.”

Sawyer: “I can’t it’s stuck.”

Operator: “Okay is there a back door?”

Officer Corwin Bowles and Officer Garrett Carter from the Bluffdale Police Department then broke the back door open to get inside.

The first thing Sawyer says when she sees them, “Hey guys what’s going on?”

“Hey buddy,” one of the officers said. “Where is she?”

“She’s upstairs,” Sawyer responded. “She’s in the bathroom.”

Emergency teams were then able to get Sawyer’s grandmother to the hospital. She has since been released.

“She came around the corner with a phone in her hand and I just remember her hair was kind of a mess and she was, ‘hey guys what’s up?’” Bowles said with a smile. “She probably saved her grandmother’s life, to be honest.”

“That was awesome she did the right thing,” Carter said.

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