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Three Great Pyrenees Puppies Rescued In Weber County

HUNTSVILLE, Utah – Three Great Pyrenees puppies might not have survived much longer in the wilderness if it wasn’t for determined rescuers that found the dogs in Weber County.

Kat Perry and Corey Holt were snowmobiling Saturday afternoon in the Ant Flat area east of Pineview Reservoir when they spotted a Great Pyrenees who they believe had been abandoned. The dog also looked like she had recently given birth.

“She was skinny. She was very skinny,” Perry said. “I knew if she still had puppies alive they wouldn’t make it through the winter.”

Perry and Holt went back to the area on Sunday, better prepared to bring the dog in.

“We were actually headed back almost to the point of giving up for the day and then we did see a set of fresh tracks,” Perry said. “We tracked her through the snow and found her there on a sheep carcass with her pups.”

The dog and her three puppies had been living off the sheep carcass.

The couple couldn’t bring the pups back themselves, so they enlisted the help of Weber County Search and Rescue.

“They hooked on a sleigh and we strapped down a crate and back we went,” Perry said.

Search and rescue crews helped rescue the puppies. (Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue/Facebook)

Perry and Holt said the puppies are around seven weeks old. They think they were part of a large litter but are the only ones who survived and it might not have been for much longer.

“The puppies would have died,” Holt said. “They would have frozen to death where she had them.”

Sadly, the puppies’ mother wouldn’t come near the rescue team.

“We hated to leave her but we tried our best,” Perry said. “We did what we could do.”

On Monday, Kade Hardman along with his wife and father went back to the area with snowmobiles in an attempt to find the dog again.

They also took tuna, dog treats and ham to try to lure her in.

“We have a whole bunch of different food options,” Hardman said. “We’ve got some ham that we’re actually going to cook on the snowmobile exhaust pipe on the way up there.”

Hardman is a vet technician for the Utah National Guard and loves animals. He said if it was his dog that was missing, he hopes others would come forward to help him find her.

“We’re pretty hopeful that we’re going to be able to find her today,” Hardman said. “Hopefully she’ll let us get close enough to catch her.”

Hardman and his family searched for several hours but, unfortunately, couldn’t locate her. However, they were able to track her footprints for a while and believe she made it to the area of Hardware Ranch. They’re hoping someone picks her up soon so she can be reunited with her puppies.

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