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Utah Teens Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Car, Crashing Just Outside Apartment Complex

RIVERTON, Utah – Two Utah teenagers were arrested after going on what police called a 24-hour crime spree where they allegedly stole a vehicle at gunpoint before crashing it outside an apartment complex.

The male and female, described as being in their “late teens,” had run away from the Salt Lake Juvenile Receiving Center Monday night, according to officials with the Riverton Police Department.

“They somehow made it to Riverton and stayed overnight in one of the vacant apartments at the Monarch Meadows Apartment Complex,” said Riverton police Sergeant John Arnoldsen.

Arnoldsen said the couple burglarized a vacant apartment where they found a gun and detectives said they also burglarized a number of cars.

“Then they came up with this plan to act as maintenance workers,” Arnoldsen said.  “The male knocked on the door of another apartment. There was a woman home alone. She did not buy the act. She tried to close the door and he showed his gun and forced his way inside, while the female aggressor stood watch.”

Detectives said the teens stole the woman’s car keys, phone and money. They tried to make a clean break in the stolen vehicle, but didn’t get very far.

“They crashed outside of the apartment complex; the car is totaled unfortunately for the poor family who got robbed,” Arnoldsen said.  “This was dangerous behavior by a couple of teenagers.“

The teens could face a number of charges, including felony aggravated robbery and felony aggravated burglary.

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