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Springville Police’s New Approach To Raising Package Theft Awareness

SPRINGVILLE, Utah — With the holidays just around the corner and porch pirates undoubtedly on the prowl, police came up with an original idea to raise awareness among package carriers.

Chief Craig Martinez said on Tuesday, his Springville Police officers began tailing delivery trucks and making special deliveries of their own to the drivers – $5 gift cards to Maverik with a timely message attached.

“Don’t let a Grinch steal Christmas,” the message read. “Together, we can keep packages safe. We appreciate all you do to make your deliveries a success!”

Package carriers often find themselves on the front lines of trying to prevent thefts, and police hoped their presence would provide positive reinforcement for their mission while also serving as a deterrent.

“A lot of times those (thefts) happen by when the suspects are following around these drivers and then they drop off a package and they’ll just be right behind them to grab it,” Martinez said.

Cpl. Eric LeBaron acknowledged that approach was a more time-efficient one for thieves.

“It’s a lot easier than driving around, seeing if you can find a package on a porch,” he said.

Initial reaction from the delivery drivers Wednesday ranged from skepticism to surprise, but all expressed gratitude for being remembered at a time of year when their job matters most.

One U.S. Postal Service worker acknowledged if there is a safer place to leave a package out of the public’s view, he does it.

LeBaron believed the added presence and awareness on the city’s streets would ultimately make a difference this holiday season.

“(It) seems like most criminals nowadays are just looking for that quick, easy grab,” he said. “Oh yeah. I think it makes a huge, huge difference.”

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