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Utahns Bundle Up As Winter Storm Hits Cache Valley

LOGAN, Utah – Utahns bundled up and braved the elements as another wave of winter weather hit the northern part of the Beehive State.

Some Cache Valley residents dealt with the cold to get into Logan’s Ellen Eccles Theater for a show Friday night, and they were treated to a little preshow from Parker Rudd.

“It’s just fun, man,” Rudd said outside the theater with gloves on his hands and a guitar around his neck. “It’s fun to be out here playing music for people.”

Parker Rudd performs outside the Ellen Eccles Theater in Logan.

It’s been said music warms a soul – but in the winter, it helps to have a fire, too.

“My fingers get a little cold so they give me a fireplace to bring out and then I got hand warmers in here,” Rudd said.

Most Utahns are used to the snow, but the first few storms of the season help remind everyone that having the right tools is important.

“The first few big storms, oh yeah, we see a lot of people,” said South Fork Hardware manager Rachelle Sidwell. “We just get hammered.”

Sidwell said the storms have helped her little store do big winter business.

Storms, like the one that hit northern Utah Friday, have been good news for Sidwell’s store.

“I do orders like three times a week,” she said. “We’re ready for it.”

Although the sound of scraping shovels from Sidwell’s store might not be what many people want to hear, it’s that time of year where the sound of Christmas and snow return to Utah.

“Sometimes I love it,” Sidwell said. “This time of year, I love it. By February, I’m over it.”

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