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McAdams Says He Will Vote ‘Yes’ On Articles Of Impeachment

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Rep. Ben McAdams on Monday said he plans to vote “yes” on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

He made the statement during a brief press conference held in the Murray City Council Chambers. He took no questions afterward.

McAdams began his statement chiding members of Congress.

“In my 11 months of service in Congress, I have been disappointed and distressed by the behavior of both parties,” he said. “Some Democrats are all too gleeful about the serious matter before us, and they reflexively oppose anything the president does or proposes.”

“Senate Republicans have ignored over 275 bipartisan bills passed by the House, denying progress on many issues,” he added. “House Republicans have dismissed the testimony of lifelong public servants who have implicated the president in alarming behavior.”

He said both parties have “squandered” the trust of the American people, and Congress is unable to fulfill the duty of the process of impeachment with credibility.

“I hoped to find bipartisan common ground to censure the president instead of putting the country through a divisive and lengthy Senate impeachment trial with a predetermined outcome of dismissal,” he said.

He said a bipartisan action would better protect the country from future election meddling and presidential wrongdoing.

“But that is not the choice I have before me,” McAdams said.

His duty is to the Constitution and the country, he said, noting that what the president did was “wrong.”

“I cannot turn a blind eye, thereby condoning this president and future presidents – Republican or Democrat – to do the same,” he said.

McAdams said the president’s actions have weakened the country as well as the checks and balances laid out in the country’s founding documents.

“I will vote ‘yes’ knowing full well that the Senate will likely acquit the president in a display of partisan theater that Republicans and Democrats in Washington perform disturbingly well.”

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