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Three Siblings Hope To Be Adopted Into Same Family

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – This weeks Wednesdays Child is not just one child, but three siblings all hoping to be adopted. The children were invited to a day of indoor skating and video games recently, and KSL tagged along.

It’s not every day you get to roller skating and basically have the whole place to yourself. Cheyenne, Adein and Artemis (who likes to go by “Artie”) soaked up the fun-filled day.

It was their first time on roller skates. It was also their first time on TV.

Wednesday was especially sweet, because the three siblings were finally back together.

“When I first got the case, Adein was all by himself, and then Cheyenne and Artie were in another (foster) home,” said one of their caseworkers, Kayla Moosman. “I knew we needed to get them back together.”

Being under the same roof is an improvement, but the trio needs more. 

Im looking for a family to take care of me and just live with me, Cheyenne said.

(I want) a special home, added Artie.

Sure, there may be a little sibling rivalry.

He talks too much and tattle tales, Artie said as he pointed to his brother.

They may not agree on everything, however, they can all agree on one thing.

“I want them to be like a family for me,” Cheyenne said.

All three children want to be adopted.

“If they’re nice people, I’ll just go right to their house, but they have to be nice,” Cheyenne said.

Until the day those nice people come along, the siblings are going to soak up the time they now have together and try to be patient.

To learn more about Artie, Adein and Cheyenne, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444 or at

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