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Heavy Wind Forces Snowbasin To Suspend Some Lift Operations

HUNTSVILLE, Utah – Gusty winds moving through Northern Utah may have brought warmer weather, but also forced Snowbasin Resort to close ski lifts to ensure guest safety.

KSL caught up with Roy Rascon at the Weber County resort while he was listening to music in the parking lot Thursday morning.

It would be nice to able to spend a random weekday just skiing. Rascon said there’s no way that lifestyle would get old.

“Brother, that’s the real deal. It’s just amazing,” he said. “I’m just enjoying life out here.”

Rascon said skiing as often as possible keeps him from getting old and slowing down.

“I’m 64 years old, bro. These kids are just pumping out like there ain’t no tomorrow,” he said with a laugh. 

He skis about 200 days a year, following the snow wherever it goes.

“South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile. I even do some ski patrol part time,” he said.

 On this random day, though, life brought him to Snowbasin. It’s also where he finally ran into something that slowed him down.

“Wind is something that has to be reckoned with,” said Rascon. “It can be dangerous up there.”

 There was plenty of wind in the area throughout the day. It was enough to force the resort to close several lifts to the top.

“We want to protect our skiers and riders. We want to protect our lifts and our employees,” said Megan Collins, spokesperson for the resort.

Those lifts dangling in the air could become a safety issue with strong winds continuing to blow.

“It changes direction, so at one part of the chairlift, going down, it could be going southwest. You go up another couple of towers and it could be going southerly,” Collins said.

Until the wind settles down, only lower elevation lifts were open.

The parking lot was also open, where Rascon listened to 60s music, spoke with other skiers, and kept smiling as big as the mountain itself. 

He wasn’t going to let wind stop him from enjoying another random day.

“Big smile,” he said while pointing to his smile. “It’s always going to be there.”

Resort officials said they were expecting a better day on the slopes Friday, with lots of fresh snow expected to fall in the morning hours.