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Roy Mayor To Meet With Airport Over Crash

ROY, Utah – The Roy City mayor planned to meet with the manager of Ogden-Hinckley Airport to air his concerns over the latest crash involving a plane that was set to land there.

Robert Dandoy disclosed the meeting in an email to KSL Thursday evening, but the time and place were unknown.

It followed Wednesday’s crash of a small plane in a Roy neighborhood that killed 64-year-old David Goode.

City leaders noted it was the fifth crash in nearly four years near the airport, and the pattern was concerning, given the potential for even worse outcomes.

“One of the main flight paths comes right over four of our schools,” said Roy Police Chief Carl Merino.

Merino, a retired Air Force reservist who was once a Marine helicopter mechanic, said it’s clear there is some sort of safety problem.

“I was assuring (residents), you know, that air travel is safe, but at this point I don’t feel I can tell them we don’t have a problem that needs to be looked at,” Merino said.

He said the city was looking to work with Ogden leaders and federal investigators to get to the bottom of any issues—perhaps by identifying some common denominator between the crashes.

“With the number of homes we have where aircraft fly over, it’s very disturbing,” Merino said. “I think it’s time to take a look at it and see what the problem is.”