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Thousands Of Dollars Raised For Grantsville Family Ahead Of Monday Vigil

GRANTSVILLE, Utah – The community is banding together to help a Grantsville family after a shooting that left four people dead – including three children – inside a home Jan. 17.

The Facebook group Tooele County 411 raised thousands of dollars* for the family over the weekend and organized a candlelight vigil. The vigil will take place at 7 p.m. Monday at the Grantsville City Park, directly across the street from Grantsville High School.

As of 2 p.m. Monday, Tooele County 411 had raised more than $75,000 for funeral and medical expenses. Group members have set a $90,000 goal.

“It’s 1,588 people,” said the Facebook page’s administrator, Patty Deakin Daley, as she looked at the number of donors on her phone. “That’s so many people that care. So many of them are community members, but there’s strangers on here too.”

The funds are being raised not only for the funeral expenses of the four family members who were killed but also for the medical expenses of a man who is believed to be the family’s father. He was injured during the shooting and is currently recovering at the hospital.

A woman, a boy and two girls who were shot and killed were identified as the family’s mother and children by police. A juvenile male was taken into custody in connection to the crime.

The shooting happened Friday evening near Main Street and Eastmoor Drive and sent shockwaves beyond the small town of Grantsville.

“The strength behind this family shows,” said Daley, who has been in communication with surviving members of the family.

“In less than 24 hours we were at like $60,000,” she said. “How can you not just be so impressed with a community that steps forward like that?”

It’s Daley’s hope that the family knows they are loved and supported.

“I know the family has tried so hard to maintain their privacy, and I can’t imagine their pain,” she said. “I hope, I hope that they come and be embraced by our community, but I will certainly respect if they don’t.”

Daley is expected to read a letter from the family at the vigil. She said people can bring their own candles.

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