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Boy Finds Loaded Gun On School Grounds

OGDEN, Utah – A dangerous discovery outside of an elementary school in Ogden. A child found a loaded gun sitting on the school grounds of Odyssey Elementary.

The gun was discovered around 7:30 a.m. at the school, located at 375 Goddard St. in Ogden.

Mindy Ostberg was sitting in her car, dropping her kids off at school, when she said a boy knocked on her window.

“I rolled down my window and he just kindly, like cutely, whispered that he found a gun,” said Ostberg. “And I kind of was in shock like a gun, what do you mean a gun?”

She asked the boy to show her where it was, and he led her over to the cafeteria doors on the east side of the school.

“As we were walking down there, he was kind of shy, not talking to me and he’s like, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” said Ostberg. “I was like, I understand that but sometimes you kind of have to, and I reassured him that he was doing the right thing.”

Mindy expected to find a bb gun, but it was real.

Police said it was a loaded .22 caliber Ruger Mark II that had somehow found its way onto school property.

Officers swept the school and verified that there was no indication of an active threat to students, or any intent to cause harm, according to a spokesman for the Ogden School District.

Mindy said she’s so grateful it was that boy who found the gun and not another child.

“It could have been my kid,” said Ostberg. “I am actually glad that kid found it because if it was my kid, I honestly think she would have popped it off.”

She said the boy did exactly the right thing and hopes that all kids can learn a lesson from the boy’s quick actions.

“I think he’s awesome. I think he’s the real hero in this, and he should be credited for it,” said Ostberg.

The gun is now in the hands of police. They said it was not stolen, and they’re looking at surveillance video to determine how it got on school grounds and who put it there.

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