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Daybreak Sub-HOA Raises Monthly Payment 100% To Cover Building Defects

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Some residents in Daybreak have been given notice of a 100 percent increase in their sub-HOA fees, starting in February.

Each resident within Daybreak pays fees to an overall homeowner association. Some pay an additional fee, depending on where they live.

The Eastlake Village Condominium Owners’ Association mailed out notices to residents about an increase in the sub-HOA for their residents, and held a meeting Wednesday night.

The increase stems from a lawsuit the sub-HOA filed against the homes’ builders in 2015. The sub-HOA alleged the builders were responsible for covering the cost to fix building defects.

Some of the 84 units in the association dealt with issues like major leaks. Last year, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, leaving homeowners to cover the cost of repairs.

Resident Jana Bridges was among dozens of residents who received the notice in the mail letting them know their monthly fees were increasing from $150 to $300.

“What the heck. I even wrote that on the letter I wrote, ‘What the heck,’ and I have just been stewing about it,” Bridges said. “There needs to be better way than just upping it 100 percent.”

Her home wasn’t effected by defects. She said she was worried about the increase in fees because many in her neighborhood are on fixed incomes. She just hoped there was a better way the sub-HOA can handle the issue.

“They can be more transparent with what is going on, because just (a) 100 percent increase? Where is our money going,” she said. “I also personally want a guarantee that it won’t raise any more.”

Attorneys representing the sub-HOA said no matter who would be paying for it, the repairs need to be done.

“They have to fix it and they have to pay for it somehow,” said Jeff Owens, attorney for the Eastlake Village Condominium Owners’ Association. “It follows logically at some point they are going to have to increase their dues, or do a special assessment or find some other way.”

He said the next steps were up to the sub-HOA.

The planned increase in monthly payments has been scheduled to go into effect February 1.