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4-Year-Old Shares Valentine’s Love By Straightening Up Cemetery

FARMINGTON, Utah – The cemetery isn’t exactly the first place people associate with Valentine’s Day. Yet, the unlikeliest of visitors couldn’t think of a better place to show the love.

It was 4-year-old Ginger Meacham’s idea to stop by the Farmington City Cemetery Friday and visit her deceased great grandfather, Vennor Meacham, who died last year at the age of 100.

“She asked if she could go see Grandpa, because she hadn’t seen him since he passed away in August,” said the girl’s mother, Kristin Meacham. “She was able to hang out with him in his last days, kept him alive… It was just a miracle that we got to spend the time with him that we did, so she has that connection with him. To her, it’s important to be able to still come here.”

The visit to the Grandpa’s gravesite, though, wasn’t what surprised Meacham.

It’s what Ginger did when she noticed a number of displaced flowers.

“We should pick up the flowers to make it look pretty!” the girl exclaimed.

So she did – straightening flowers here, a flag there.

“It was just an activity that I never expected to happen today,” Kristin Meacham said.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, mom came to a realization.

“We can’t just think of our closest kin, but think of everyone on the holiday,” she said.

Death is hard for anyone to understand.

Ginger questioned how long her great grandfather was “going to be out.”

“How long is he going to be in heaven?” her mom replied. “He’s having so much fun in heaven with his family.”

That painful void somehow had to be filled.

In the mind of a 4-year-old, cleaning up gravesites certainly couldn’t hurt.

“They’re loved and people care about them,” Kristin Meacham said. “It’s just little simple acts of service like this that will open up our hearts and our minds to remembering others on a holiday.”

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