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Susan Powell’s Parents Back In Washington Court

TACOMA, Wash. – The parents of missing mother Susan Powell were in a Washington court, arguing state social workers failed to protect their grandsons from Josh Powell, who killed both boys and himself eight years ago.

One by one, attorney Anne Bremner went through a list Wednesday of what she called “red flags” that led up to the murders Susan Powell’s sons, Charlie and Braden.

Nearly 50 of them in all – many focused on the boys’ own statements to teachers, therapists and others.

“There are just so many examples of highly unusual utterances from these little tiny children who would not be uttering these things… if they hadn’t seen a lot of bad things, heard a lot of bad things or experienced a lot of bad things and been victims of attempts at brainwashing,” said expert witness Jane Ramon.

She previously worked for Washington’s child welfare agency, and talked about the standard of care owed to Charlie and Braden in light of those red flags.

Among the most major was the disappearance of their mother.

The state’s defense team pointed out not much of the information about Susan’s disappearance was available to the social workers at that time.

Ramon also gave the social workers credit for many of the good moves they made, but said far more things went wrong than right.

There was also about those pornographic images detectives with the West Valley City Police Department found on a computer taken from the Powell family home the day after Susan disappeared.

Neither side acknowledged the recent discovery from KSL’s COLD podcast that those images did not, in fact, belong to Josh Powell.

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