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The One Voice Children's Choir new video, covering the song “Show Yourself” from "Frozen 2," will be released Feb. 25.
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One Voice Children’s Choir Aims To Inspire With New Music Video

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Six years ago, the One Voice Children’s Choir made headlines with a viral rendition of “Let it Go” featuring then 12-year-old Lexi Walker along with artist Alex Boye.

The group has since been featured on America’s Got Talent and its YouTube channel has almost two million subscribers.

Over the years, the choir has used its music videos to tackle social themes like poverty, suicide prevention and bullying. Their new video, covering the song “Show Yourself” from Frozen was released Tuesday.

Choir members said they hope to encourage kids to be who they really are with the new video.

“I think so many of us can look at that young person with so many dreams and hopes and anxiety and stress wondering if they’ll ever make it,” said Kathie Steinagel, executive director of One Voice Children’s Choir. “The adult self would look down on that child and say ‘you’re going to be okay. You’re going to make it. It’s going to work.’”

Masa Fukuda, who has directed the choir for 18 years, said the group’s mission is to sing to serve.

“Every song has a mission,” he said. “We’ve been going since the Olympics in 2002 and our motto was to keep the fire burning within and inspire the world, bless them with our music and that’s what we’re doing 18 years later.”

Fukuda said he never intended to cover another Frozen song.

“I’ll be very honest, I rebelled doing anything Frozen 2 because the whole entire world is doing it,” he said. “But when I heard ‘Show Yourself,’ I immediately clicked — this is it, this is our song.”

Fukuda asked Walker, now 17 and studying at UVU, to return to the choir for the special music video.

“With ‘Show Yourself,’ it’s just truly accepting not only who you are but then deciding to show it,” Walker said. “People don’t recognize all they have to offer, and many times were challenged by other people or other ideas that might tell us we’re not good enough and we have nothing to offer. This song just says to ignore all that and regardless of the consequences show yourself, and it’s a scary thing to do.”

Even the youngest members of the choir shared a similar, yet simple message.

“Maybe just to be who you want to be and don’t judge anybody,” said Savannah Lawrence, who plays a young Lexi Walker in the new video.

Shooting a music video with dozens of kids, parents and crew members was not an easy feat — especially in Utah, on a day where it snowed. Fortunately, when you cover a song from Frozen 2, snow was a good thing.

“It’s always such a blast to film, even though we knew if you’re doing a frozen cover you’re going to be in the snow and you’re going to be freezing again,” Walker said. “I remember last time my feet, I couldn’t feel my feet at all, even though we had layers with all the socks and I had boots on.”

This new music video hopes to once again inspire those who fell in love with the choir after their rendition of “Let it Go,” and provide a message of hope.

“Don’t worry about all the other voices around you,” said Kathie Steinagel. “Just listen to your own and keep plowing to the person you’re supposed to be.”

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