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Survivors Share Story Of Emergency Plane Landing In Logan

LOGAN, Utah – It could have been a disaster, but two people walked away without a scratch after an emergency plane landing at the Logan-Cache Airport.

The front landing gear on the four-seater plane wouldn’t deploy, creating a very tense situation on Wednesday.

“I was nervous throughout it because you know what has happened to other people and what could happen,” said pilot Colton Wilson.

Wilson and his pilot buddy, Shawn Taylor, said they were taking a 1960 Cessna-210 out for a spin.

“We were just going up for fun and as you can tell, we had a little more fun than we anticipated,” Taylor said.

But almost as soon as they were in the air, they knew from a glance in the mirror that Wednesday wouldn’t be a regular day.

“Right after we took off is when we started having some problems with the gear,” Wilson said.

“We could tell because we couldn’t see the nose gear in the down position,” Taylor added. “It was not there.”

Luckily, the pilots had plenty of time to try and figure out if they could fix the landing gear while burning off fuel.

“We wanted to get rid of as much of that fuel as we possibly could before we landed,” Wilson said.

Once they determined an emergency landing was their only option, they were ready for it.

“The scariest part about it is realizing the plane is going to get hurt and there’s a possibility that you could get hurt,” Wilson said.

Cell phone video from a bystander captured the emergency landing.

“Landing was…it was exciting, to say the least,” Taylor said.

You could hardly tell anything was wrong until the propeller audibly hit the ground and the belly of the plane began sliding along the runway.

“The moment we stopped moving, it was seatbelts off, shut the fuel off and you’re out of the plane,” Wilson said.

For Wilson and Taylor, it might not have turned out to be a regular day, but it was all in a day’s work.

“He kept his cool the whole time and did a great job,” Taylor said.

Unfortunately, Wilson said the plane will likely be declared a total loss.

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