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Multiple law enforcement agencies in Idaho are looking for two missing endangered siblings. (Rexburg Police Department)
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Vallow Family Members Speak Out On Dr. Phil About Missing Children

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Idaho are looking for two missing endangered siblings. (Rexburg Police Department)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – New family members have begun speaking out in search of answers as two Idaho children remain missing. Several of them appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil focused on the bizarre case.

Joshua “JJ” Vallow, age 7, and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, age 17, have not been seen since September.

Their mother, Lori Vallow, was ordered by an Idaho court to produce the children in November to show they were safe. When that didn’t happen, officials filed charges, including abandonment, and Vallow was arrested in Hawaii.

Few questions have been answered, as investigators wait for Vallow to be extradited to Idaho over the next one to two weeks to face charges.

Meanwhile, many of those who were at one time close to Vallow have appeared about as perplexed as everyone else.

Vallow’s son, Colby Ryan, voiced his frustration on the Dr. Phil show Thursday on KSL.

The unexplained disappearance of Tylee and JJ, and deaths of several people surrounding the case, appeared to have estranged the family, just as much as the situation has turned the public against the mother.

“The day before Thanksgiving, two detectives knocked on my door, and they asked me you know, ‘Do you know where Tylee is?’” Colby said.

He said that was how he learned that his younger sister and adopted brother were missing.

Colby told Dr. Phil that Lori Vallow provided no answers, and that he started getting unusual texts from Tylee’s phone.

“It just started like not sounding right, like different exclamations. The way she spoke didn’t fit her personality,” he said.

Then video showed an East Idaho news reporter who caught up with Vallow and her new husband, Chad Daybell, in Hawaii.

“That video, specifically, was when I really, really lost it emotionally – just anger – and I don’t understand what she’s doing,” he said.

Lori Vallow’s former sister-in-law from her third husband, Anne Cushing, also talked about her encounters. Cushing’s brother died of an apparent heart-attack.

“When my brother died, she didn’t tell me that he had passed. My family didn’t find out until five weeks later,” she said.

Cushing had a similar reaction to Colby when she saw the video from Hawaii.

“Seeing the footage of Lori and Chad, living their best ‘Aloha life’ in Hawaii… Lori’s children are unaccounted for… It’s unimaginable. It’s infuriating,” Cushing said.

All of their frustrations, and those of many more watching from the outside, were perhaps best summed up by a plea from Joshua Vallow’s grandfather, Larry Woodcock, in a message to Chad Daybell.

“Look in my eyes. Man up, son. It is time for you to have a talk with your wife and end this. Find those kids,” he said.

A status hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 3 in Hawaii. Investigators from the Rexburg Police Department would still like to hear from anyone who might have information about the location of JJ and Tylee.

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