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Helen Roberts plays piano for the Moods n' Music quartet.
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High 5: The Backbone Of ‘Moods N’ Music’

KEARNS, Utah – When members of the group Moods n’ Music clip on the mic and dress up for the stage, it’s showtime.

Larry Nelson and Dick Jeffs have been singing together since the 1970s, and Winifred Merritt joined them 15 – 20 years later.

The performance just wouldn’t be what it is without Helen Roberts, though. She’s the newcomer – she joined about 18 years ago to play the piano.

“I love the people I meet,” she said. “It’s brought wonderful people into my life and wonderful experiences.”

Roberts doesn’t just play for Moods and Music. She also helps local students with auditions, plays at the church, and teaches music lessons.

“That’s important to me because, when I play, that’s what I always want to do — be the best I can for whoever I’m playing for, whether it’s vocal or instrumental or whatever,” she said. “I want to be the best backup there is.”

Her dedication to making a difference in the community earned Roberts a KSL High 5 — and $250 courtesy of America First Credit Union.

“She’s amazing,” Jeffs said. “I cannot tell you how wonderful she is. We prayed for her and we got her.”

“We love her. We appreciate her,” Merritt said. “I don’t know what we would do without her.”

Moods and Music performs nearly every week of the year.

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a coworker giving selflessly? Click here to nominate them for a KSL High 5. 

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