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Utah National Guard Dispelling Coronavirus Rumors

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Utah National Guard is hoping to dispel some rumors that have been floating around the internet as the state and the nation take measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Let’s clear the air,” the UTNG wrote in the first of several tweets focused on busting some of the myths that have cropped up in recent days. “We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately. We’re going to address as many of these rumors as possible right here.”

“Our DMs are open, or simply @ us with your questions,” according to the tweet. “We’ll post the answers ASAP.”

Question: Is the National Guard going to quarantine Utah within the next few days?

The Guard wrote it is not going to “quarantine Utah,” but it did suggest adhering to health authorities’ recommendations.

“Simply follow the guidance of social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19,” according to a tweet.

Question: If Utah isn’t going into quarantine, are we possibly going to have curfews or driving restrictions?

The UTNG wrote that it is not involved in any enforced quarantines, curfews or driving restrictions. It also noted Utahns should keep up to date on accurate information by following the Utah Coronavirus Task Force on Twitter, @utahcoronavirus. Residents can also go to

Question: Will the UTNG do any deployments in Salt Lake or Utah counties, and has the governor considered any mobilization and/or deployoment?

The Utah National Guard wrote that there is no plan to mobilize at this time.

“As always, we are trained and ready to assist the governor and the people of Utah,” according to the tweet.

You can follow the Utah National Guard on Twitter @UTNationalGuard.

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