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Business is booming for in Sandy.
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Cloth Diaper Business In Sandy Sees Spike In Sales During Pandemic

SANDY, Utah – During a time when many businesses are closing their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, in Sandy is booming with business.

“In our baby wipes, our sales were up about 1,000%, and cloth diapers about 500% over the last two weeks,” said business owner Dennis Frederick.

As local stores started becoming increasingly bare for disposable baby wipes and diapers, many shoppers started turning to reusable solutions.

“They are made out of flannel, and we went through about five months of these in about 10 days,” Frederick said. “They were selling like crazy.”

The next big rush was the company’s OsoCozy cloth diapers. received five to six times more orders than normal.

“We were busy day and night just shipping orders,” Frederick said.

At a time when many people are buying in bulk, cloth diapers could be a benefit as well. Four dozen cloth diapers and four covers can get a family through an entire year, compared to multiple boxes of disposable diapers from the store.

Safety is another issue. Frederick said many of his customers have shared that they don’t want to go back and forth to the store.

“Store hours are shortened, and if you run out in the middle of the night you can’t get disposable diapers right now,” he said.

Frederick said people will get more bang for their buck with the reusable diapers.

“Cloth diapers are considerably less expensive than disposables,” he said. “Like, 20% of the cost or less.”

Despite the high demand, is keeping up with orders, but it’s all hands on deck from the family-run business.

“We’re able to ship everything within about a business day now,” Frederick said.

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