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Gov. Herbert Announces Launch Of Healthy Together App

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Gov. Gary Herbert announced the public beta testing phase for Healthy Together, a symptom checking mobile application that helps augment current contact tracing efforts. He announced the app during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The app is designed to help Utahns work with public health officials to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Our Utah Department of Health is focused on targeted ways we can trace the spread of COVID-19,” Gov. Herbert said in a press release. “The more Utahns choose to use this application, the more clearly our public health teams will be able to see exactly where, and whom the virus is infecting.”

Healthy Together was developed by the founders of Twenty. It prompts users to take a daily symptom assessment developed in partnership with the Utah Department of Health. When the app identifies someone in need of COVID-19 testing, it helps connect them with testing in their area. Test results are also available through the app.

“Testing and contact tracing are crucial to any public health response, and especially to a pandemic response,” said Dr. Angela Dunn, state epidemiologist. “I am hopeful this app will provide our hard-working contact tracing teams with even more information to help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently.”

When an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they are contacted by a public health worker, who works with them to identify close contacts who could have potentially been exposed to the virus, according to the press release. All personal information in the app is anonymous to everyone except public health.

When the app is downloaded, a message from Governor Herbert details the privacy and security protocols:

1: Use of the app is strictly opt-in and voluntary.

2: Users own their data and can delete their data at any time.

3: Only data that is required to combat COVID-19 will be shared with public health officials.

4: Location and Bluetooth data will automatically be deleted every 30 days.

5: Symptom data will be automatically de-identified after 30 days.

6: Healthy together will comply with State requirements for data security and encryption.

“Developing a platform that can augment and amplify the existing efforts of healthcare workers to control the spread of this pandemic is a tremendous, yet critical challenge,” said Jared Allgood, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Twenty. “We’re grateful to help and committed to Utah’s effort to eliminate this threat and re-open our businesses, neighborhoods and communities safely.”

The Healthy Together app can be downloaded for free from the app store for Apple and Android phones, from, or from



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