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Safe In 60: How Long Does Food Last Past The Expiration Date?

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Following social distancing guidelines, many Americans are trying to limit their trips to the story. This can lead to coming across food that’s been stored awhile.

Here’s a look at how long some of those foods can last – even after the expiration dates.

Canned goods

Unless the can is damaged, canned fruits, vegetables and meats will stay good for between two – five years. Canned tomatoes, graprefuit and pineapple is good for 12 – 18 months.

Always check for cloudiness, moldiness or bad smells.

As a rule, metal lasts longer than glass, and glass lasts longer than plastic.


White flour and white rice will last for years, but brown rice and wheat or whole grain flour only last for months.

Assure food safety

  • Purchase before the expire date
  • Take perishable items home and immediately refrigerate them. Freeze them if they can’t be used before the expire date
  • Once perishable food is frozen, it doesn’t matter if it passes the expire date. Frozen food kept at zero or below remains safe
  • If there is a question about the food expiration date, check the label to contact the manufacturer

Don’t let expiration dates scare you. Use them as a reference, and if the food has an off flavor, odor or appearance, throw it away.

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