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Business Leaders Offer Tips For Working From Home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Some of the biggest changes from COVID-19 have been in the workplace. Social distancing has many people working from home for the first time.

Business leaders said there are ways to make working from home a little more comfortable. For some, working from home may be temporary, but for others, it could be permanent as companies see the benefit of keeping their workers at home, even after the pandemic subsides.

Ryan Westwood is the CEO of Simplus, a Utah-based tech firm where remote working is just the way they do business.

“The skeptics that think employees can’t work from home, and that they’re less productive, will realize that they can actually be,” Westwood said.  “As an employer myself, I believe they’re as productive, or more productive.”

The Simplus website has pointers for the work-at-home crowd.

First, establish a new commute; meaning, during the time you don’t have to spend in the car, keep a routine to get prepared for the workday.

Next, set boundaries. Just because your home and your office are now the same space, you can’t be in work mode all the time. Take breaks. Walk around the neighborhood, or at least take some calls outside to mix up the work day.

And last, schedule time to spend with people who don’t live in your house.

“Sometimes people think there’s a barrier between the physical world and the remote technology world, and I think  you can merge the two for a better experience,” Westwood said.

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