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Young Girl Recovers At Home After Being Diagnosed With Illness Linked To COVID-19

MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah — Lots of questions remain about COVID-19 and the lasting effects on children. One Mountain Green mother said she is grateful her daughter is recovering at home following some scary symptoms from an illness linked to COVID-19.

Melissa Brewer and her husband tested positive for COVID-19, then their 6-year-old daughter began feeling ill with what didn’t seem like COVID symptoms at all.

Libby Brewer is back home and feeling much better Monday night, but it was a pretty scary experience for the whole family.

On about day 10 of her parent’s quarantine, she started to complain about knee pain.

Her mother, Melissa said she chalked it up to growing pains, but it kept getting worse.

“Then the next day, she started complaining about hip pain really bad,” Melissa Brewer said. “She was in tears and crying, and I had no idea what was going on. It was pretty intense.”

They were sent to Primary Children’s Hospital where Libby was tested for COVID-19.

Her mother said the test came back negative, but a few days later, the antibody test showed Libby had been previously infected.

“It was just so crazy,” Melissa Brewer said. “This is all kind of a guessing game because she never had any symptoms at all like ours.”

The ultimate diagnosis for the excruciating joint pain was ‘transient synovitis’.

Doctors told the family it was a result from a viral infection that then settled in the joint.

“She is now totally back to normal, doing back handsprings and riding bikes,” Melissa Brewer said.

The family is grateful they are all back and home and recovered, but want to warn families about serious potential complications in children when there is still so much to be learned about the deadly virus.

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