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Ogden Mother Begs Driver Who Hit Her Son To Surrender To Police

OGDEN, Utah – The search is on for the driver as officers with the Ogden Police Department asked for any tips that can lead to the arrest of a driver accused of hitting and severely injuring a boy on a scooter. 

For the thousands of drivers who pass near 16th Street on Harrison Boulevard in Ogden every day, there is only one Sherry Rynes wants to talk to — the driver who hit her 12-year old son and left him on the side of the road. 

“It’s horrible, horrible,” she said. “I would want to know how he would feel if it was his child or children involved in something like that.” 

Her son, Edan, was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, then transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. 

“He has six broken ribs on the left side, broke his hip and had to get surgery, broken teeth in the front, had to get surgery on those, and his left foot was broken,” his mother said.

Edan was with his older brother and a friend last Thursday evening riding his scooter on the side of the road when they saw a vehicle coming at them.

They jumped over the guardrail. 

However, Edan just was not fast enough.

“The guy just slammed into the thing and then he came towards us and we jumped over the gate and he got me,” said Edan from his couch in Ogden after being released from the hospital on Tuesday. 

The driver who hit him has not been found. 

After the accident, that driver kept going.

“I don’t understand how somebody can hit anything — children, animal, or anything — and then just drive away without checking,” said Sherry Rynes. 

For now, she hopes the driver will do the right thing and turn themself in. 

Edan still has a long way to go to get better and the medical bills are just starting. 

“They’re going to pile up quickly,” said Sherry Rynes. “Me being a single mom, I can’t afford that with seven kids all together. It’s hard.” 

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical bills. 

Ogden police confirmed the hit and run took place, but according to a department spokesperson, they do not have any vehicle description that they were willing to release Tuesday. 

Sherry Rynes said her children told her it was a pickup truck that hit Edan and would have damage on the passenger side. 

“If it was their child who was hit, they would want justice. The driver would want somebody to turn themselves in. That’s what I want,” said Sherry Rynes. “I haven’t really slept, I haven’t really eaten. I’m upset, angry, sad, every emotion you can think of having.”

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