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Taylorsville Man Breaks Back After Thieves Steal His Truck, Hit Him

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – A Salt Lake County man was hospitalized with a broken back after being hit by the suspect who stole his truck.  

The Waymans have lived in their Taylorsville home since the 1970s, and have always felt safe, until Thursday when someone drove away with their sense of security.

Neighbors said it was a morning like any other. 

“My parents, around 10:30 a.m., got home from Costco and were unloading groceries,” said Kevin Wayman. 

He said his parents were in and out of the house, leaving the keys in the truck. 

A neighbor’s camera spotted a man and a woman walking into the cul-de-sac. Another mailbox camera spotted them at 10:51 a.m. 

“When they were coming back out to get more groceries, someone was getting in their truck and was driving away in it,” Wayman said. 


Kevin says his dad jumped to action

“You have this human nature to try and protect your own,” Wayman said. 

His dad ran out to stop the suspect as he was pulling away and ended up getting hit by the truck.

“My dad thinks he did turn somewhat to not hit him head on, and he ended up just sideswiping him on the side of his truck,” Wayman said.

Wayman says the truck stopped a few houses up the street to pick up the woman and then sped off. A time stamp on the same neighbor’s camera captured the truck speeding away at 10:52, meaning the robbery happened in less than a minute.

“These things happened so quickly. They’re crimes of opportunity. Someone just happens to be there, sees that chance, and they’re going to take it,” said Sgt. Melody Gray of the Unified Police Department.

The search for the suspect continues and police are investigating if the robbery was a targeted attack.

“We’re wondering if someone saw them at Costco, and then followed them home,” Wayman said. 

Kevin says his dad suffered a broken back, pelvis, and hip.

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