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Utah Nonprofit Crisis Child Care Reports Highest Demand Ever

LOGAN, Utah – A Cache Valley nonprofit that puts the focus on families said it is seeing some of the highest demand ever for a program that helps children.

The Family Place attributes the surge for crisis childcare to the stresses brought on by COVID-19.

The support center offers services like emergency housing for child trauma survivors and a place for parents who just need a break.

Over the past few months, those services are needed more than ever before, according to director Krista Useche.

“Anybody that’s been a parent and has children knows that it’s tough,” she said.

Useche said the pandemic is no exception.

“All of a sudden, mom’s working at home. Dad’s working at home. You’ve got the whole family together in the house and sometimes they just need a break from each other,” she said,

From cases simple, such as a break for parents, to much more sensitive incidents where children are taken out of the home, Useche said demand for all services was up with the onset of COVID-19.

She said The Kids Place has expanded hours at all three locations and now offers help five days a week.

“I think it’s been really sad, obviously to see clients struggling,” she added.

Employees, like Candice James, work directly with the children. They are limited to two adults and eight kids per location due to health restrictions. Employees at each location are trained to deal with trauma.

Candice James works at The Family Place.

“It’s been a real blessing to be able to continue to help others, especially during this pandemic. It’s when people need places like The Family Place the most,” James said.

While it hasn’t happened yet, she’s one of several who has volunteered to help kids who might have been exposed to COVID-19, realizing they may need to be quarantined from their own families as a result.

“I feel like it was kind of a no-brainer to just step up and be there for these kids, because if we’re not there for them, then who is?” she asked.

All help from The Family Center remains confidential.

The Family Place and The Kids Place have locations in Logan, Smithfield and Hyrum.

You can get information about services here.

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