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A group of armed people came to a protest in Provo on July 1 to keep the peace, they said. (KSL TV)
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Protest In Provo Met With Armed Group 2 Days After Shooting

PROVO, Utah – A group of protesters to took the streets in Provo to spread their message of racial equality Wednesday night two days after a shooting during a similar demonstration.

This time, though, the protest was met with an armed group who said their goal was to keep things peaceful.

On Monday, a protester shot twice at the driver of an SUV as it drove through a crowd of demonstrators blocking an intersection. One of the bullets hit the driver in the arm, police said.

Two people were later arrested in connection to the shooting.

There were a few hundred protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter.” They said things need to change within police departments, and they’re not going to stop asking for racial equity until those changes are made.

However, because of the shooting Monday night, there were also armed groups who said they were there to make sure protesters didn’t damage or vandalize property.

“What we don’t want is violence like what happened the other night,” said Casey Robertson, organizer of Utah County Citizens Alarm. “Come down and protest, but you start attacking my neighbors and my citizens, and we’re not putting up with that. And so we’re here to say, ‘Not here in Provo.'”

There was also a large police presence at the scene. Provo officers, as well as officers from departments outside the city, watched to make sure things stayed peaceful. Authorities also closed the street so protesters could march peacefully.

At the end, members from both groups got together and had some peaceful conversations as a corner cafe played the song, “Give Peace a Chance,” by the Plastic Ono Band.

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