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Officials Lift Mandatory Evacuation Issued In Millcreek Canyon Following Fire

Courtesy: Geanna Granger

MILLCREEK, Utah — About 100 firefighters are mopping up the Crestwood Fire, which at first spark, threatened homes and prompted the evacuation of Millcreek Canyon.

The Crestwood Fire broke out at the base of Millcreek Canyon, about 100 yards from the east-side homes on Crestwood Drive, around 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

It was originally estimated to be 2-3 acres in size, but it eventually grew to about 10 acres.

Firefighters said it spread quickly.

About 100 firefighters from multiple agencies including South Salt Lake, Unified Fire Authority, and Salt Lake City were called in to fight the blaze. Two helicopters, two airplanes, Lone Peak hot shot, and Salt Lake Helitack crews assisted.

Officials said they were concerned the fire would jump to the other side of the mountain and into the canyon, so a mandatory evacuation of Millcreek Canyon was ordered just before 7:30 p.m.

“The staff came in and told us we had about 30 minutes to eat, then they would evacuate us because of the fire down here,” said John Ferris who was told to evacuate from Millcreek Canyon.

“Hopefully we can get everybody out,” said ________ with the Unified Police Department. “(It’s) more of a precautionary thing…. If the fire takes off and gets into Millcreek Canyon, anyone that is up in the canyon gets trapped.”

If those flames made it into the canyon, it would take 4 hours to evacuate everyone. Officials said that’s why they took the proactive measures, but they were able to reopen the canyon around 8:45 p.m.

The cause is still under investigation.

“I spoke with the first arriving captain on scene. He said when he arrived on scene, it was about 1 acre in size, and he didn’t see anybody around or anything like that, so he went straight to work. We have investigators on scene, so they will determine that later today or tomorrow,” said Ryan Love with the Unified Fire Authority.

The embers are burning away from homes, so about 45 firefighters will remain on scene overnight.

Firefighters said this is just another scary reminder of the dry conditions we’re dealing with this summer.




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