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Safe In 60: Keep Your Dogs Safe In The Summer Heat

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – We’re well into the heat of the summer, and we know that we need to wear sunscreen and limit our time in the heat.

But what about our dogs? Since they can’t verbally communicate when they’re hot, it makes the heat even more dangerous.

First, remember that different breeds have different needs. Breeds with shorter noses, those that have thick coats for cold weather, puppies, senior dogs and overweight dogs are especially vulnerable.

Watch for signs of overheating.

Things like panting, lethargy, drooling, fever, unsteadiness, deep red or purple tongue, trouble breathing, vomiting and collapsing can all indicate that a dog is too hot and/or dehydrated.

Keep your pet safe in the heat.

Dogs can become dehydrated quickly, so make sure they always have plenty of cool water. Bring enough water for both of you when you go on walks. You can even add ice to their water, or get them a cooling vest or mat.

Also, limit their exercise during the heat of the day. Consider going for walks in the morning or evening hours.

The pads on dog’s feet are sensitive to heat and can easily be burned by concrete or sand. And trimming their coats can help, but don’t shave them. Their fur actually helps regulate their body temperature and acts as a natural sunblock.

If you’re leaving home, don’t leave your dogs outside on hot days. Even in the shade, they can still overheat.

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