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Some Davis Co. Parents Scramble For School Options

FARMINGTON, Utah – Some parents of Davis School District students are scrambling for options after the district decided Thursday night to move forward with a hybrid back-to-school plan.

A lot of parents said they agree with the district’s hybrid plan, which calls for in-person learning two days a week and online learning the other three days.

But at the same time, other parents said they’re looking into charter schools or even home-schooling during an eleventh-hour search before school begins.

In many ways, all schools are in the same boat, dealing with the same pandemic.

“It’s a very unique time, and I do believe … that all of us are doing the best we can,” said Wade Glather, lead director for Ascent Academics.

But some smaller schools can respond differently.

Glather said their Farmington campus has been getting a spike in interest — about 70 inquiries within the last couple of weeks.

“Yeah, we weren’t expecting that,” he said. “We weren’t expecting it.”

Likely a lot of that was coming from parents who were not satisfied with the Davis School District’s hybrid plan.

Though none agreed to go on camera, several said they were looking into other options outside the district.

“I would say to parents, really decide what is best for you and your family,” Gather said. “I think that Davis (School District) has a great plan for them and their families. In Ascent, we’ve created a plan for our families.”

Glathar said there will be around 18 students per classroom with sanitizing stations in the halls, washing stations in the classrooms and a face mask requirement. Families can choose from two plans: five days all in-person, or all-online classes.

But like most charter schools, they have a lottery for admission. Names are randomly chosen as spots become open.

And like any school, they have to be ready for any curveballs the pandemic may send their way.

“We’ll just need to be flexible, and those that will thrive, will be those that can adapt and adjust quickly to the changes that are going to be coming all the time,” Glather said.

Davis School District officials did point out their teachers have had a few months to prepare their online portions this time around, saying online learning won’t be like it was in the spring.

They also said five-day, in-person classes are part of their plan — just not at the beginning of the school year.

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